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Someone who looks to work together on projects in my spare time.
I can do a little of art,animation and 3D.
Please message me if you'd like to pitch an idea!


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Big whoop

Posted by CutseyWaffle - 1 month ago

I should probably upload more of my works on here haha whoops!


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Go for it!

It happens. You've been here long time?

@Ratcaller @CutseyWaffle Ive joined 2006 but its been very on/off since then.
Im trying to get back to it with purpose this time, cause I have shitton of art I can share and it has never really occured to me I can do it here (besides twitter that is). No more animations though, Ive had it with that :D

AND with that im trying to push the community bit so Im just browsing random news, posts, undiscovered art, trying to vote, comment, trying to cheer up people that dont get much attention :3

Wow you are an artist that's awesome! Have you ever done a collab? I kinda wanna know what it's been like on here haha.

Ahw that's so sweet of you trying to cheer people up. You sure are cool!

@Ratcaller @CutseyWaffle @CutseyWaffle Nope, Im doing all my things solo cause whenever I make something (video, animation, art, project whatever) I gets very personal to me and I would get furious If I had someone else nagging around it :D

Also I try, cause I know how bad it can get when you just do your thing and nobody gives a flying fuck. So if you can, just take 10 minutes every now and then and try to show other folks that its not hopeless :D

People usually just post, make projects, throw it out there and wait for everything to come to them, but they barely give anything back at times.

Oh I can understand some projects are just too precious. To me I get the satisfaction out of being part of working together so I don't really mind.

Ahw very nice. Well I like to look around the uh... is it work request board and compliment a bunch of awesome people.

Very understandable you have to promote your art a bit haha. I come here actually solely to collab on projects I've always wanted to.

Do you then particapate in newgrounds contests then?

@Ratcaller @CutseyWaffle @CutseyWaffle I think Ive never done that to be honest. If I keep being around for a while I might eventually get to it but anything goes really.

Also, I think it could be quite easy if you throw the collab bit at other people, some people are supereager to work with someone else.

Perhaps some day so it would be really cool to see that!

Oh I see yeah I got asked to animate some bits for a voice actor already. I'll see ^^

@Ratcaller @CutseyWaffle @CutseyWaffle Do your best!
Anyway Ill talk to you later. Take care :3

Thank you! I am not sure if I am going to go with that one tbh I never been good at animating mounths lol

@Ratcaller @CutseyWaffle @CutseyWaffle Give it a shot, its practice at the very least, couldnt hurt.